Public Information

Information Available to Tax Payers

2023 Proposed Budget

2023 Notice of Public Hearing May 11, 2022 for 2023 Proposed Budget

2022 Mass Appraisal Report

2022 Budget

2021 Financial Audit

2021 Utilities Report

2021 Budget

2021 Holiday Schedule

2021-2022 Reappraisal Plan

2021 Mass Appraisal Summary Report

2021 Annual Appraisal Report

2020 Annual Appraisal Report

2020 Mass Appraisal Summary Report

2020 Utilities Report

2020 Budget

2020 Financial Audit

2020 Utilities Report

2019 Financial Audit

2019 Utilities Report

2019-2020 Reappraisal Plan

2019 Budget

2019 Mass Appraisal Report

2019 Anuual Report

2018 Annual Report

2018 Mass Appraisal Report

2018 Utility Usage Report

Financial Audit 2018

2017 Mass Appraisal Report

2017 Annual Report

2017 Utility Usage Report

2016 Mass Appraisal Report

2016 Annual Report

2016 Utility Usage Report

2015 Utility Usage Report

Homestead Codes and Cap Information

Notice Concerning Ownership on the Tax Roll

Why do I pay Hospital Taxes

Taxpayer Rights and Remedies

Low Income Housing Capitalization Rate

ARB Role In Property Tax System

Informal Appraisal Review Procedures

Timber Procedures

Timber Expense Questionnaire

AG Timber More Information and Location

AG and Timber Minimum Ac Requirements

AG Expense Questionnaire

Frequently Asked Questions


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